Col's MS Impact

I’d like you to meet Col Chandler, or as many know him as ‘Colphin’.

Col is a surfer, artist, entrepreneur and an energetic MS Queensland Ambassador and fundraiser. He also faces a daily struggle. Col lives with Primary Progressive MS and Crohns Disease. 

Despite his struggles, Col doesn’t let his condition stop him from hosting his annual fundraiser, the ‘Goat Track Madness.’

Yes, you heard that right! Col’s unique and kooky fundraiser sees people, groups and even four-legged friends climb Mt Nebo in support of Col & MS Queensland.

 In 2019 alone, the event raised OVER $21,000 with goats, bag-pipers, a choir and even a gypsy coffee cart joining in on the fun!

Col’s fundraising journey began when he read a story in a local newspaper about a number of young women with children who were living with MS and were struggling. Hearing this story motivated Col to fundraise for MS Queensland and help make an impact for others.

“Just the knowledge that there IS a society for people with MS is a comfort. I also have a severe form of Crohns disease and have for many years. There was no support. By comparison the MS journey has been filled with help and support. But it’s not just me.

My lovely wife has also benefited from meeting others whose partners have MS. Without it, like I said, it would be lonely and tough. With it, I have met people who keep me going and inspire me on a daily basis.”

The funds raised by Col and all our amazing fundraisers, like yourself, help fund research for a cure and also, provide the high specialised services to help people living with MS get the best out of life.

Your fundraising will have an incredible impact. Ever dollar counts and can help give hope to thousands of Queensland living with MS, who need our support, now more than ever.